Majlis Live


Majlis is a social streaming media for muslims. Apart from dakwah, you can also enjoy entertainment such as qasidah, travel, culinary and other video streams which will be presented by muslims all around the world.

Anyone can join without any sort of fee and no ads.

Not everyone can do the live streaming, only the ones that can actually give the benefits for others and was granted the access to do the live streaming, which makes Majlis app is a safe app to be accessed by anyone and all ages.

Majlis app features:
– The best live streaming video quality
– Multilingual: English, Indonesian, and Arabic
– You can follow anyone from anywhere
– You’ll be notifed if someone that you follow is currently doing the live streaming
– You can see what muslims are doing all around the world
– Direct discussion with the chat feature while doing the live streaming
– You can also do live streaming privately to specific followers and groups
– If you happened to missed a live streaming video from someone that you follow, you can still watch the replay.
– Search streaming live videos by locations or topic

Because not everyone was granted access to do the live streaming, therefore, if you feel like you can and want to contribute something that will be beneficial for other muslims, you can kindly contact us. And we will activate your camera feature for live streaming.

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