Indonesia scholarships


Priority sectors

We want scholars who are interested in studying subjects that can improve the social and economic development of their country. We have chosen priority sectors that can help your country and that New Zealand has expertise in. If you can show that your study is connected to any of these sectors, you are more likely to be selected.

These are the priority sectors:
Agriculture development

Agri-business management: agricultural economics, agricultural systems and management, rural development, logistics, supply chain and distribution management, value chain development, agriculture marketing, international agribusiness
Agriculture production: animal science, veterinary nursing, plant science, horticultural science, soil science
Agriculture trade and technology: phytosanitary, bio-security, biotechnology, agricultural trade
Post-harvest: food production, food sciences/technology, post-harvest processing, food storage and packaging, food safety

Renewable energy

Solar, hydro-electric and wind energy, energy engineering and renewable energy distribution systems,
Market reform and sector management, including energy economics and energy efficiency
Public policy, administration, finance, or governance in the above areas

Disaster risk management

Reducing risk: hazard and vulnerability assessment, risk management, natural resource management, geology, geotechnical engineering, water resource management
Readiness: disaster preparedness at national level or community level including public education
Response: disaster response and emergency management
Recovery: economic and social recovery from disasters
Climate change adaptation: including planning for infrastructure, land use and water use

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